In The Jungle Large Wall Decals / Stickers

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sal says:

overall fun product this product is awesome. it was alot of fun installing them with my wife in our new nursery. my only worry was the tiger hanging over the door trim. the tiger measures about 9″ from its feet to the tip of its tail and about 8″ from feet to the top of its back. the wall space between my door trim and ceiling was 7.5″ so i had to shave off about 3/4″ of the tiger along the bottom and cut the tail at its base so i could adjust it. its absolutely histerical walking in and seeing a giraffe coming out of the window. i was leary about buying “stickers” over “decals” and they are sticky but we had no problem pulling them off the wall to relocate them. no paint peeling off or anything. i recommend this 100% to anyone looking to decorate a nursery or kids room.giraffe 2pcs. 16 3/4″ x 26″zebra 1pc 8 1/4″ x 13″gator 1pc 16 3/4x 10 1/2″monkey 3 pcs. 15″ x 9″tiger 3 pcs. 28 1/2″ 16 1/2″ (overall)

VicXen23 says:

Adorable! These “stickers” are the most adorable jungle animals I have ever seen. They are very easy to apply to a regularly painted wall (must be painted at least 7 days prior to application) and are easily adjustable. They really look like the animals are peeking around the corners of my children’s room. With every animal I put up, I kept thinking I should buy another set. I would recommend them for ANY kid’s room.

Jayashree says:

the BEST jungle nursery decor ever! This is my most favorite decoration in our nursery. This collection really makes you feel like the animals are peeking out and are very playful. Our baby is so intruged and stares and we talk about what the animals are.Application: I was concerened since we have textured walls but they peel and stick on beautifully.Tips: Before removing from sheets, make sure you have an idea of where you want the animals to go, the orientation they face- it all matters.Tiger: Start with the paw, then the head and then the body. Otherwise, you have to peel back. The more you avoid repeeling, the better the stick will be.Girraffe: We did the body then the head.Monkey: We hung him from the tree branch- Put the tree and part down and then we stuck the monkey’s tail on top.(See my pictures in the product pictures)Overall, they bring so much life to our nursery and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The only thing I really miss peeking out is an…

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