RoomMates RMK1154SCS Marvel Heroes Peel & Stick Wall Decals

August 2, 2013 - Comment
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dan says:

too translucent These appliques do not have a solid white background, but a translucent, almost clear background, so the wall color shows through the picture. It’s worst on the whites in the picture, which only appear white on the removable backing because the backing is white, but it also affects the lighter colors. These look okay on a light colored wall, but I’d avoid placing these on dark walls. (Note that the giant appliques do have a solid white background and look much better.) They did maintain their peel-and-stick properties during several moves, are easy to handle, and are made with a good quality (not flimsy) vinyl-like material.

bluefyre "BLUEFYRE" says:

Cool Peel & stick superheroes Generous amount of P&S superheroes, you will love the price, you can’t beat it!! The vibrant colors lit up my 4 year old’s room, and the best part for parents, there is NO MESS!! You just peel them and stick them where you want, and if thespot is not right, then you can remove them as much as you want!! Phenomenal item for toddler/pre-schoolers who love the whole superhero thing!!

1mom2boys says:

Great Idea but too clear These are great, my four year old loves them. They stick and restick and are very durable, the only problem is his bedroom walls are blue and the translucent background makes the stickers hard to see. They work much better on white walls.

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