RoomMates RMK1439SLM Scroll Tree Peel & Stick Wall Decal MegaPack

August 2, 2013 - Comment
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I luv roses says:

Very cute looking but does not stick / re-stick well When I first put on these stickers I looved the look and my 8 month old daughter squealed in delight at the owls, flowers and colors in general.However, it was pretty hard to arrange everything in place without some amount of removal and re-sticking. The scrolly branches are very thin and so re-sticking did not work well and they started to peel off. So I thought, ok, maybe this would do better if someone could apply them at one go so maybe I am partly to blame. But the description and other reviews do lead you to believe that resticking is not an issue at all.After a few days however, even the branches that I got right in the first go started to peel off. Granted my walls are not satin smooth, they have a very light grainy texture, but again the description leads you to believe that sticking is a problem only on heavy textured walls.I would have given it a 1 star because I wake up every morning and have to run my hand over the branches to re-stick them which is such…

Mrs. Coelho "I love books" says:

Fun! We purchased this for our 3 month old daughter. Thrilled with the price and product. Easy to apply and remove. I was able to put them up and if i didnt like the look i moved them around. It was fun being creative. it gives you instructions on where to apply each sticker but because of the room size that i was decorating i needed to move some of the tree limbs around. i made the tree taller and shortened the limb length. i also place the animals and flowers throughout the room to give it a more woodsy feel. Will definetly buy the same type of stickers again for when she gets older and wants to change her room around. Another benefit is we no longer need to repaint the room because these stickers add the color and energy that we were looking for. Would definetly recommend these to a friend. Great price compared to other sites we looked at.

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