RoomMates RMK1470SCS Disney Princess Peel & Stick Wall Decals with Gems

August 2, 2013 - Comment
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Jennifer Maple says:

ALL of the DISNEY PRINCESSES!! I recently purchased this package because it contained the princesses Ariel and Tiana which all of the other sets I could find do NOT. My daughter’s new bedding has Tiana/Aurora/Cinderella on it and she loves the Little Mermaid- so I was willing to pay a little extra to have ALL of these characters. I’m so glad I did! The princesses are very good sized (about 12 inches each) and come with alot of little accent decals such as the 3 fairy godmothers of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White’s blue birds, etc. Also, the “jewels” that come with it are pretty and are larger than I expected. Overall these wall stickers are of good quality and well worth money! Oh, and if you have extra wall space look at the Disney castle mini-mural… it is a BEAUTIFUL combination!

Rachel Wright says:

great! daughter love these. These go great with the castle decal. I posted some pictures of what I did but there is a million possibilities. Daughter loves them!!!

Donnie T says:

Great for daughte’s room My daughter loves these. They are great They peel right off with no residue left behind no matter how many times you do it and stick them on different places on the wall.

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