(99×164) Jungle Dreams Huge Wall Mural

August 2, 2013 - Comment
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akempvt says:

BEST MURAL EVER!!!! I and my mom put this mural up in my bedroom. It got some air-bubbles in some spots and to spots where it tore a bit, but it looks great! It makes it look like you are really in the jungle and about to sneak up on animals! On this mural you will see: an adult and baby tiger, a parent monkey and a baby monkey, lots of parrots, three toucans, lots of white birds, a jaguar, and much more! I recommend this mural for the PERFECT rain-forest or jungle room. If you are a parent, I think you should buy this for your child and put it up as a surprise, but don’t let them see it until you are done!

Dana Covell says:

Jungle Dreams My boys and I have really enjoyed this product. I purchased two of them for my twin 2 year old boys room, and it looks enchanting. You do have to make sure that you overlap the sections as it states in the directions. With the first one, I made the mistake of putting the glue in the bowl first and then adding the water. It turned into a goopy mess, but I was still able to use it. The second time I added the paste slowly to the water and it mixed much easier. I’m sure the directions probably said to do this.I like this mostly because it’s not like those other cheesy murals where you have 45 jungle animals staring directly at you. It’s more of a real jungle scene with very detailed trees and animals scattered here and there. To me, it comes off as much more classy and really could be used for any room and not just a kids’ room. My boys love to sit and point out the different animals.

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